Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Shiv Pariwar Puja and Yagna

Significance of Shiv Pariwar 

Shiv pariwar includes lord shiva the supreme deity, maa parvati the adishakti and their two sons lord ganesh and Lord Kartikeya.

Each member of the family plays a vital role in the universe and bestows there auspicious and divine blessings on every creature and humans are no exception.

The origin story of both the son's Ganesh and Kartikeya is also very beautiful.

As once a demon taraka became very powerful and mastered all the three universe even the devas became enslaved by him and they went to brahma for help and he prophesized that only the son of shiva will be able to kill the demon all tried to convince the lord but no efforts came fruitful but somehow agni deva took the seed of shiva and accidentally dropped in river from kartikeya was who killed the demon.

Similarly the birth of ganesh took place from the grass doll maa parvati created which turned into a boy who later received the head of elephant.

Benefits of Shiv Pariwar Puja and Yagna 

Shiv pariwar puja and yagna is very beneficial for those who perform it but is a matter of extreme concentration as it involves the invocation of the very powerful mantras which must be recited only by those who have complete knowledge of vedas. A properly performed puja will gain you

Abundance and prosperity in your life
Wealth and riches will come in life
Career will be stable
Business will become profitable and all loses will recover
Fame and glory will come in your life
Wisdom and intellect will develop which will increase decision making power
All your past sins will be removed from your life

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