Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Chandra Grahan 2017

Date of Chandra Grahan in 2017:

There are 2 Chandra Grahan in 2017 and both are visible in India, one is at 11 February 2017 (Saturday) and second is 7 August 2017 (Monday).

Timing of Chandra Grahan in 2017:

11 February 2017: 4:04 AM TO 8: 23 AM,

7 August 2017: 10: 53 PM to 12: 48 AM at 8th August 2017

What is Chandra grahan? 

Moon revolves around the earth and earth revolves around the sun at one point one phenomenon occurs when earth comes in middle of sun and moon directly which makes it appear as if moon have lost light and eclipse occurs which we know as chandra grahan.

Guidelines for Pregnant Women: 

  • Do not eat anything that is cooked before Chandra grahan as it is spoiled and not good for health.
  • Pregnant women can be easily affected so must follow all steps completely to be saved themselves and save the baby.
  • Do not go out of house on grahan day.
  • Avoid direct eye contact with Chandra grahan.
  • All ornaments such as jewelry must be recoved from the body to be saved of any health problem.
  • Chant Santan Gopala mantra at least hundred and eight times to avoid any ill effect on unborn child.

Chandra Dev Mantra 

“Om Shraam Shreem Shraum Sah Chandra Namah”

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