Friday, 5 August 2016

Learn all the Vedic Rituals related to Diwali Festival this Year

Diwali is the most important festival of any hindu household, we all wait for it to arrive every year, it is the festival of light a timeless symbolic festival of win of good over evil. The festival is closely associated to every Indian as well, the whole world have an excitement for the festival of lights and crackers but diwali is much more than all of this. 

It has a deeper connection between the devotee and deity, it is night when the seven doors of heaven of lord Indra opens for us all, the night to be blessed by the preserver of the universe Lord Vishnu himslef  and the night to attract all kind of happiness in our life such as abundance, prosperity, wealth and health from goddess laxmi. To observe this, a number of Diwali Puja Mantra that must be recited in diwali puja, no amount of normal celebration without proper rituals will attract the blessings of the deity in your life. Diwali is the best time to attract all that you want in your life. 

Just cleaning your house and dusting of a little floor and roof will not attract the gaze of goddess laxmi, it requires proper rituals to clean of all negativity from the house completely and the all the devotees must know How To Perform Diwali Puja at Home but if you don't then worry not as a vedic practionar can guide you through with all the necessary steps you must know for the day of diwali  our website does the same and will guide you through all the Diwali Pujan Vidhi Mantra that are performed in a diwali puja. All the mantras and there importance will explained throughly not in just ved vaani but you will get Diwali  Pujan Viddhi Matra in Hindi as well. 

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