Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Story behind the dark complexion of Maa Kalrati the goddess worshiped on the 7 day of navratri.

Goddess Durga has nine different forms for saving us from all types of problems including negativity, evil effect and the demons. She always came on earth time to time whenever we remembered her to reduce our problem and for spreading happiness among us on this earth.
She had to take nine different incarnations to defeat the demons in which the incarnation of maa Durga in the form of Kalratri was the important one because she kills the demon raktbeej.

The information which has great importance of navratri 7th day devi kalratri is after killing the demons named sumbh and nishumbh ma parvati removed her out skin and became kalratri and It is believed that the planet Shani is governed by Goddess Kalaratri. There is another story behind it, after killing the demons shumbh and nishumbh there was one more demon to be killed named raktbeej.

To kill raktbeej ma parvati takes the incarnation of ma kalratri. The one who worship ma kaalratri according to puja vidhi in correct time andmahurat always gets the blessing of ma kalratri. The one who keeps fast of navratri and worship her with night blooming jasmine gets the benefits of Navratri 7th day Devi Kalratri in increasing money, solving marriage related problem, and career and enemy related problems.  

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