Monday, 11 April 2016

Reason behind the name: know why durga Maa is named as chandraghanta

As you know we worship Maa Durga in Navratri, all the days are dedicated to nine incarnation of Maa Durga or you can say Maha Gauri and as we all know goddess Durga had taken every incarnation for a particular reason so the name given to goddess Durga has also a deep meaning.

Navratri the nine days fast of Maa Durga and here we are talking about the third day of Navratri and we will  First we would like to give some important information about Navaratri 3 day Maa Chandraghanta, it is believed that the planet Venus (shukra) is governed by Maa Chandraghanta so she is worshiped on the 3rd day of Navratri.
The reason behind the name given to Maa Durga or sati as Chandraghanta is the name Chandraghanta is given to Maha Gauri after marriage with Lord Shiva. Maa Chandraghanta is the married form of Maha Gauri and this name given to her because after marriage Maha Gauri started adorning forehead with half Chandra (Moon) and that half-moon on her forehead look like a bell due to which goddess Maha Gauri known as Chandraghanta.
This form of Goddess Maha Gauri or Parvati is peaceful and for welfare for her all devotees. With her all weapon like trishul, gada, sword and kamandal she always ready for the war. If we talk about benefits of Navratri 3rd day Maa Chandraghanta it is believed that the sound of the moon bell on her forehead expel all types of problems and sprits away from her devotees.
Navratri 3rd day Maa Chandraghanta puja time and date is- 10 April 2016 (Sunday)
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