Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Observe the guidelines for fasting in the period of Chaitra Navratri

Fasting is a spiritual uplift for a soul, it is just not about abstaining yourself from food and water but it is a cleansing from all the impurities of life such as greed, jealousy, envy, anger and many other impurities. There are many aspects that are connected with belief of a fast.
A fast keeps you closure to your deity; it acts as a symbol of devotion a connection by which you are linked to the creator. Our vedas have provided us with many occasions which are favorable to observe fast in order to gain blessings of the divine power.
One such occasion is the navratri parva the period of nine days and ten nights which are celebrated for the nine incarnation of goddess durga. The first period is chaitra navratri also known as vasant navratri this navratri comes in the month of April as per Gregorian calendar. Every festival has a procedure of fasting and so there is the Fasting Procedure for Chaitra Navratri, each day is a must to keep a fast. Now there are types of fast which are observed such as ekann fast in which a person is allowed only to eat once a day where the meal must be prepared only with raw vegetables without spice and fruits alone.
The most difficult fast that is directed by vedas is “nirjala vrat” which is a fast that is observed without a single drop of water and any amount of food, a person who observes a fast like this in chaitra navratri and follow all the rituals with Vasant Navratri Puja Vidhi becomes a person who is hold a special place in the eyes of goddess durga. Before the tenth night, when the time arrives for the goddess to leave she takes away with herself all the impurities and bad luck away from your life and you will observe a  life full of divine grace which will be a complete success in the mortal world and the world beyond it which is the heavens. 

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