Monday, 4 April 2016

Navratri 2016: The biggest festival for the worshipers of Maa Durga

Navratri the nine days of Maa Durga, these are wonderful nine days in which Maa Durga lives in our house with us for twice in the year. The worshipers do fasting for Maa Durga for nine days and do kirtan or jagran for the whole night.
According to myths Navratri comes four times in the year but it gets celebrated only twice in the year and that is in March or April and again in the month of October at Dusshera time. For the worshiper of Maa Durga we would like to tell the date and Mahurat of this festival.

 Navratri 2016 April date: - Tithi Begins = 16:53 on 7/Apr/2016
                                                   Tithi Ends = 13:05 on 8/Apr/2016

Navratri 2016 October date: - Ghatasthapana Muhurat falls on Pratipada Tithi
                                               Ghatasthapana Muhurat falls during Devi-Svabhava Kanya Lagna
                                               Pratipada Tithi Begins = 05:41 on 1/Oct/2016
                                               Tithi Ends = 07:45 on 2/Oct/2016

Chaitra Navratri 2016 date: - according to the Hindi calendar the month April is known as Chaitra which sometimes starts from end of March.
There are lots of other important information about Navratri 2016 which you can know by visiting the link or website. The worshipers  of Maa Durga Knows everything about Navratri  but if you don’t have that much information about Navratri then to help those who want to worship Maa Durga during Navratri, we provide all the information including the puja kit and all the Benefits of Navratri 2016. Find all the information with the puja Vidhi and worship Maa Durga.

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