Thursday, 14 April 2016

Know all you need to know about the auspicious Ram Navami Puja

Ram Navami is celebrated as it is the birthday of the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu the lord Rama avatar. He came on earth in the period of treta yug when it was under the evil effect of the most demonic king of all time, the ravana. The goal of lord Rama’s birth was to defeat him and to reestablish dharma in the Universe.
His life story is an inspiration for everybody but his birth story is equally fascinating. According to the legends king dashrata of Ayodhya was without any heir instead of having three wives. To resolve his problem he went to his guru Vashist and he advised to arrange a raj yagna to please the gods, then only he will receive an heir.

The yagna was arranged and Agni dev appeared and handed him a bowl of rice pudding which he was asked to distribute among his wives. The queens gave birth to four sons, the eldest of which was Rama. All Information about Ram Navami Puja is a teaching that we can help us with living our life on a righteous and truthful path. Ram Navami is celebrated on the last day of chaitra Navratri the days of Durga puja and her nine incarnations.
The glory of chaitra Navratri is associated with the last battle of Ramayana when lord ram went to fight ravana he offered his prayers of Navratri puja for nine nights and became victorious in the war. All such and many more information and Navratri Puja Free Consultation from Pandit Ji is available on our website and you can reach us just leave us a query and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Worshiping lord Rama with all Vedic rituals will bless you with all the divine blessings to lead a successful life.

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