Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Do you know the reason of worshiping Shailputri devi on navratri 1st day, if don’t find here.

Navratri is starting from 8 April 2016, the worshiper of ma durga again getting the chance to worship ma durga to please her so that their desires and wishes get fulfill. But do you know whom you are worshiping and why we worship only mata shailputri on the very first day of navratri why not any other incarnation of goddess durga?

The answer for what is navratri 1st day of shailputri devi is, navratri fast started with the puja of Shailputri maa the first incarnation of goddess durga or mata sati and all the devotees who are keeping fast for full 9 days of navratri then they should start their fast with the ghat shtapana and should do puja according to navratri 1 day shailputri devi puja vidhi. 

Now if we are worshiping any goddess then we should also know why we are doing this and what are the benefits of navratri 1st day shailputri because it is our nature that we always give our best if we are finding any profit in that.

Importance of navratri 1st day shailputri devi-
Goddess Shailputri devi is the incarnation of mata sati after the self- immolation of mata sati. She took birth as the daughter of lord Himalaya, the meaning of her name shailputri is also the same “daughter of Himalaya”. The mount of mata shailputri is nandi “the bull” which you can find with lord shiva, so she also known as vrisharudha, she also known as Hemavati and parvati.
She always lived a simple life and had simple food like fruit etc, and did lots of Austerity and fasting to get lord shiva as her husband. The other important information about navratri 1st day shailputri devi is that the Moon, the provider of all fortunes, is governed by mata Shailputri and all bad effect of the Moon can be removed by worshipping this Adi Shakti, because of her importance among all nine incarnation of maa durga, we worship Goddess Shailputri on the first day of Navratri.

navratri 1st day shailputri devi date is 8 April 2016
navratri 1st day shailputri devi fast starting time and mahurat 05:41 to 7:45

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