Saturday, 9 April 2016

Do you know goddess Brahmacharini is unmarried form of Goddess Sati: know the full story

Everyone knows about Nav Durga the nine form of goddess Shakti, the mother of entire existence but some of you only knows about Mata Brahmacharini, she was not any other incarnation of ma parvati or ma sati . As we know all the form of durga are the incarnations of Maa Sati or Parvati but Mata brahmacharini is the unmarried form of Mata sati.

As we know Mata Sati took birth at home of daksha prajapati as his daughter, and the unmarried form of Mata sati or parvati is worshiped as Maa  brahmacharini. As the importance of  navratri 2nd day brahmacharini devi,  it is believed that Lord Mangal is governed by goddess brahmacharini and he is the provider of all fortunes so we worship this form of Maa sati on the second day of navratri.

Mata sati has great love for Lord Shiv so she did sever penance for her whole life to get Lord Shiva As her husband. She performed hard austerity and lived like a brahman live, she left all her luxury and comfort so she was named Brahmacharini. The devotees who worship this form of mata sati gets all the benefits of navratri 2nd day brahmacharini devi .

Maa brahmacharini was very strict for her scheduled and did all the things which lord shiva liked so she got lord Shiva so who maa brahmacharini according to navratri 2nd day Brahmacharini Devi puja vidhi at correct time and mahurat will get fulfill all their dreams. The information about Navratri 2nd Day BrahmachariniDevi those who don’t know what maa brahmacharini like the most is, if you worship her with the jasmine flowers she would love to accept that. You can also use bilva leaves to worship her.

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