Thursday, 7 April 2016

Attract the divinity of kamiya Sindoor and its miraculous benefits in your life this Navratri

The goddess adishakti is the source of everything in the universe, the most supreme god Mahadev is also addressed by the name ardhnareshwar as half god and half goddess. The most important festival that is dedicated to this female entity in the form of durga is Navratri.

Every navratri celebration occurs for nine days and nine nights which celebrate the nine incarnation of goddess durga and is celeb rated in the different periods of the year beginning the April and lasting till October at the coming of the Vijaya dashami, in fact all the goddess roop of adishakti are prevalent in these nine days. Maa kamakhya who is known to impart blessings of desires on her devotees, if worshiped during this period then all the desires come true. All of this is achieved by worshiping her with kamiyasindoor use vidhi for navratri. Once the goddess is pleased benefits like attraction of wealth, relationship fulfillment, abundance and prosperity is observed in all corners of life but it is very important to follow all the rituals correctly.

Your devotion is only complete with the correct form of rituals which come from the vedas and are performed as per Vedic instructions. The other mantra that you can invoke in this period of month is the mantra fordurga Shakti which when recited at least hundred and eight times every evening while observing the fast pleases durga maa and she will bless with all her divine blessings. So observe the blessings of the goddess durga this navratri and change your life for the betterment.       

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