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Know all you need to know about the auspicious Ram Navami Puja

Ram Navami is celebrated as it is the birthday of the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu the lord Rama avatar. He came on earth in the period of treta yug when it was under the evil effect of the most demonic king of all time, the ravana. The goal of lord Rama’s birth was to defeat him and to reestablish dharma in the Universe.
His life story is an inspiration for everybody but his birth story is equally fascinating. According to the legends king dashrata of Ayodhya was without any heir instead of having three wives. To resolve his problem he went to his guru Vashist and he advised to arrange a raj yagna to please the gods, then only he will receive an heir.

The yagna was arranged and Agni dev appeared and handed him a bowl of rice pudding which he was asked to distribute among his wives. The queens gave birth to four sons, the eldest of which was Rama. All Information about Ram Navami Puja is a teaching that we can help us with living our life on a righteous and truthful path. Ram Navami is celebrated on the last day of chaitra Navratri the days of Durga puja and her nine incarnations.
The glory of chaitra Navratri is associated with the last battle of Ramayana when lord ram went to fight ravana he offered his prayers of Navratri puja for nine nights and became victorious in the war. All such and many more information and Navratri Puja Free Consultation from Pandit Ji is available on our website and you can reach us just leave us a query and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Worshiping lord Rama with all Vedic rituals will bless you with all the divine blessings to lead a successful life.

Find the reason why Lord Rudra worshiped Adi-Parashakti and about the incarnation of Siddhidatri.

Ma Siddhidatri the goddess worshipped on the 9th day of navratri which is also the last day of navratri also and the only goddess which is not the incarnation of Maa Parvati but later she became one of them. Know the reason by which you will get to know who Maa Siddhidatri is and why she worshiped in the nine goddess of navratri.

Lord Rudra worshiped Adi-Parashakti for the creation of the world in the beginning of the universe and it is believed that Adi-Parashakti had no form so the name adi-Parashakti was given. Now the information which is very important about Navratri 9th day MaaSiddhidatri is the supreme goddess of power, Adi-Parashakti appeared from the left half of Lord Shiva (rudra) in the form of siddhidatri.

Lord Shiva got the title of Ardh-Narishwar when goddess Siddhidatri appeared from his left half and It is also believed that Planet Ketu is governed by Maa Siddhidatri and provides him the direction and energy. Ma Siddhidatri is the creator of this world and always takes care of this world and helps her devotees in every problem.

The devotees who worship Ma Siddhidatri in the time of navratri gets all the benefits of Navratri 9th day Maa Siddhidatri because she is the only goddess who possesses and bestows all type of siddhis to her devotees. Even Lord Shiva also got all siddhis by the grace of this goddess only; this is also the reason why we called her siddhidatri. The meaning of this name is siddhi means power to complete any work (accomplishment) and datri means the giver (the one who gives something).

Not only human but Deva, Gandharva, Asura, Yaksha and Siddha also worship her but to worship her according to Navratri 9th day Maa Siddhidatri puja vidhi and at correct date, timeand mahurat is necessary.

The reason behind why she worshiped in the days of navratri is because she appeared from the left half of Lord Shiva in the form of Shakti so later she called the Shakti of shiva and became parvati or sati so in some or the other way all are one in the different form and with different reasons of incarnation.     

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

When Lord brahma created the universe he laid down foundation of all that is, was and will ever be, so did he created the auspicious Vedas which is a constitute of everything that was in past, is in present and will be in future. It is a way which keeps  every being on the righteous path and our Vedas gives us also the details related to how can we get close to the supreme deity.
One such festival is dedicated to the goddess Durga and her glory. It is the Navratri parva which is celebrated for the nine days and ten nights. According to the legends the festival is celebrated for nine incarnation of goddess Durga and supreme of which is Durga herself who saved the universe from the demon mahisasur who was undefeatable by any god and was fought by the goddess for nine days and ten nights and she finally beheaded him. The Navratri Puja Dates, this year is first in chaitra month which will be 8th April to 15th April and later will be Shardiya Navratri that will come in October month as per new Gregorian calendar. Like all festivals there are a set of rituals which are a must to seek the blessings of the deity.
The Navratri period rituals are same for male and female despite of gender. All are instructed to observe fast throughout the day and there are two types of fast which are kept one is ekann and other is nirjala which are observed with one meal and without meal and water respectively. Benefits of Navratri Fast Vedic Instructions are as that you will observe flow of abundance and prosperity in your life, wealth and riches, success in your goals and much more all of these benefits are observed in your life. 

Story behind the dark complexion of Maa Kalrati the goddess worshiped on the 7 day of navratri.

Goddess Durga has nine different forms for saving us from all types of problems including negativity, evil effect and the demons. She always came on earth time to time whenever we remembered her to reduce our problem and for spreading happiness among us on this earth.
She had to take nine different incarnations to defeat the demons in which the incarnation of maa Durga in the form of Kalratri was the important one because she kills the demon raktbeej.

The information which has great importance of navratri 7th day devi kalratri is after killing the demons named sumbh and nishumbh ma parvati removed her out skin and became kalratri and It is believed that the planet Shani is governed by Goddess Kalaratri. There is another story behind it, after killing the demons shumbh and nishumbh there was one more demon to be killed named raktbeej.

To kill raktbeej ma parvati takes the incarnation of ma kalratri. The one who worship ma kaalratri according to puja vidhi in correct time andmahurat always gets the blessing of ma kalratri. The one who keeps fast of navratri and worship her with night blooming jasmine gets the benefits of Navratri 7th day Devi Kalratri in increasing money, solving marriage related problem, and career and enemy related problems.  

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Some important facts behind the name of goddess Skand Mata: Know the real name

Navratri the days of Nine Goddess brings lots of things like peace satisfaction and discipline in the life of worshipers either it is only few days but brings happiness for whole life by fulfilling all the wishes. Every incarnation held was for a definite purpose and every goddess has special power in their own field.

We called goddess Durga as Maa because she is took care of us from all the bad or evil things but the goddess worshiped on the fifth day of navratri is specially known for her love and kindness towards their children or devotees.  The most important information about navratri 5th Day of Skanda Mata and the facts behind the name is Goddess skand mata is also the another form of Maa Parvati.
All the nine goddess which are worshiped in the nine days of navratri are the incarnation of mata sati or parvati hence Skand mata also the other form of Mata Parvati. After rebirth of mata sati as parvati and getting married to lord shiva mata parvati given birth to a child whom we called lord kartikeya or lord skand hence she became the mother of skand and known as skand mata.

The motherhood part of ma parvati is known as skand mata. Kartikeya is the first son of Lord Shiva and the big brother of lord Ganesh. Lord Kartikeya is also known as lord Murugan. If we talk about the benefits of Navratri 5th Day of Skanda Matathen Skand mata has special love and affection for her all children and devotee and if we worship her according Navratri 5th Day of Skanda Mata puja vidhi then she fulfills all the wishes in very less time like our mother do.

Worship skand mata with her favorite red colour flower and please her to get blessing of her.

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Observe the guidelines for fasting in the period of Chaitra Navratri

Fasting is a spiritual uplift for a soul, it is just not about abstaining yourself from food and water but it is a cleansing from all the impurities of life such as greed, jealousy, envy, anger and many other impurities. There are many aspects that are connected with belief of a fast.
A fast keeps you closure to your deity; it acts as a symbol of devotion a connection by which you are linked to the creator. Our vedas have provided us with many occasions which are favorable to observe fast in order to gain blessings of the divine power.
One such occasion is the navratri parva the period of nine days and ten nights which are celebrated for the nine incarnation of goddess durga. The first period is chaitra navratri also known as vasant navratri this navratri comes in the month of April as per Gregorian calendar. Every festival has a procedure of fasting and so there is the Fasting Procedure for Chaitra Navratri, each day is a must to keep a fast. Now there are types of fast which are observed such as ekann fast in which a person is allowed only to eat once a day where the meal must be prepared only with raw vegetables without spice and fruits alone.
The most difficult fast that is directed by vedas is “nirjala vrat” which is a fast that is observed without a single drop of water and any amount of food, a person who observes a fast like this in chaitra navratri and follow all the rituals with Vasant Navratri Puja Vidhi becomes a person who is hold a special place in the eyes of goddess durga. Before the tenth night, when the time arrives for the goddess to leave she takes away with herself all the impurities and bad luck away from your life and you will observe a  life full of divine grace which will be a complete success in the mortal world and the world beyond it which is the heavens. 

Monday, 11 April 2016

Know about the only incarnation of Goddess Durga who has the capability to live inside the sun

The nine form of goddess Durga always save this world and take care of us in some or the other way, sometime saving this world from enemies,  sometime by fulfill our all wishes. She helped to our Deveta’s and Gandarvas from the evil energies and also gives them direction to run this world. She is the supreme of all the power negative or positive of this whole universe.   

Every incarnation of Maa Durga has some special power and for definite reason like Maa kushmanda the goddess who is worshiped on the 4th day of Navratri and she is the only goddess who has the capability to live inside the sun.
According the stories of Ved and Puraan of Hindu culture after taking form of Siddhidatri Maa Parvati started living inside the center of the sun so that the sun can liberate energy to the universe since then goddess known as Goddess Kushmanda. Important information about Navratri 4th day Maa Kushmanda is   she is the goddesses who create this whole universe which is called brahmanda by just flashing little bit of her smile.
The glow and radiance of the body of this goddess is as luminous as that of the Sun and It is also believed that she provides direction and energy to the Sun, Hence God Sun is governed by Goddess Kushmanda.  For the benefits of Navratri 4th day Maa Kushmanda it is believed that all the power to bestow Sidhi's and Niddhis are located in her Jap Mala so if the devotees worship goddess according to Navratri 4th day Maa Kushmanda puja Vidhi and chant the given mantra with the jap mala, Goddess Kushmanda will surely fulfill all their wishes.

ॐ देवी कूष्माण्डायै नमः॥
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Reason behind the name: know why durga Maa is named as chandraghanta

As you know we worship Maa Durga in Navratri, all the days are dedicated to nine incarnation of Maa Durga or you can say Maha Gauri and as we all know goddess Durga had taken every incarnation for a particular reason so the name given to goddess Durga has also a deep meaning.

Navratri the nine days fast of Maa Durga and here we are talking about the third day of Navratri and we will  First we would like to give some important information about Navaratri 3 day Maa Chandraghanta, it is believed that the planet Venus (shukra) is governed by Maa Chandraghanta so she is worshiped on the 3rd day of Navratri.
The reason behind the name given to Maa Durga or sati as Chandraghanta is the name Chandraghanta is given to Maha Gauri after marriage with Lord Shiva. Maa Chandraghanta is the married form of Maha Gauri and this name given to her because after marriage Maha Gauri started adorning forehead with half Chandra (Moon) and that half-moon on her forehead look like a bell due to which goddess Maha Gauri known as Chandraghanta.
This form of Goddess Maha Gauri or Parvati is peaceful and for welfare for her all devotees. With her all weapon like trishul, gada, sword and kamandal she always ready for the war. If we talk about benefits of Navratri 3rd day Maa Chandraghanta it is believed that the sound of the moon bell on her forehead expel all types of problems and sprits away from her devotees.
Navratri 3rd day Maa Chandraghanta puja time and date is- 10 April 2016 (Sunday)
To know Navratri 3rd day Maa Chandraghanta puja Vidhi and Mahurat- you can visit the link or contact us:- 9999505545

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Do you know goddess Brahmacharini is unmarried form of Goddess Sati: know the full story

Everyone knows about Nav Durga the nine form of goddess Shakti, the mother of entire existence but some of you only knows about Mata Brahmacharini, she was not any other incarnation of ma parvati or ma sati . As we know all the form of durga are the incarnations of Maa Sati or Parvati but Mata brahmacharini is the unmarried form of Mata sati.

As we know Mata Sati took birth at home of daksha prajapati as his daughter, and the unmarried form of Mata sati or parvati is worshiped as Maa  brahmacharini. As the importance of  navratri 2nd day brahmacharini devi,  it is believed that Lord Mangal is governed by goddess brahmacharini and he is the provider of all fortunes so we worship this form of Maa sati on the second day of navratri.

Mata sati has great love for Lord Shiv so she did sever penance for her whole life to get Lord Shiva As her husband. She performed hard austerity and lived like a brahman live, she left all her luxury and comfort so she was named Brahmacharini. The devotees who worship this form of mata sati gets all the benefits of navratri 2nd day brahmacharini devi .

Maa brahmacharini was very strict for her scheduled and did all the things which lord shiva liked so she got lord Shiva so who maa brahmacharini according to navratri 2nd day Brahmacharini Devi puja vidhi at correct time and mahurat will get fulfill all their dreams. The information about Navratri 2nd Day BrahmachariniDevi those who don’t know what maa brahmacharini like the most is, if you worship her with the jasmine flowers she would love to accept that. You can also use bilva leaves to worship her.

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Attract the divinity of kamiya Sindoor and its miraculous benefits in your life this Navratri

The goddess adishakti is the source of everything in the universe, the most supreme god Mahadev is also addressed by the name ardhnareshwar as half god and half goddess. The most important festival that is dedicated to this female entity in the form of durga is Navratri.

Every navratri celebration occurs for nine days and nine nights which celebrate the nine incarnation of goddess durga and is celeb rated in the different periods of the year beginning the April and lasting till October at the coming of the Vijaya dashami, in fact all the goddess roop of adishakti are prevalent in these nine days. Maa kamakhya who is known to impart blessings of desires on her devotees, if worshiped during this period then all the desires come true. All of this is achieved by worshiping her with kamiyasindoor use vidhi for navratri. Once the goddess is pleased benefits like attraction of wealth, relationship fulfillment, abundance and prosperity is observed in all corners of life but it is very important to follow all the rituals correctly.

Your devotion is only complete with the correct form of rituals which come from the vedas and are performed as per Vedic instructions. The other mantra that you can invoke in this period of month is the mantra fordurga Shakti which when recited at least hundred and eight times every evening while observing the fast pleases durga maa and she will bless with all her divine blessings. So observe the blessings of the goddess durga this navratri and change your life for the betterment.       

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Do you know the reason of worshiping Shailputri devi on navratri 1st day, if don’t find here.

Navratri is starting from 8 April 2016, the worshiper of ma durga again getting the chance to worship ma durga to please her so that their desires and wishes get fulfill. But do you know whom you are worshiping and why we worship only mata shailputri on the very first day of navratri why not any other incarnation of goddess durga?

The answer for what is navratri 1st day of shailputri devi is, navratri fast started with the puja of Shailputri maa the first incarnation of goddess durga or mata sati and all the devotees who are keeping fast for full 9 days of navratri then they should start their fast with the ghat shtapana and should do puja according to navratri 1 day shailputri devi puja vidhi. 

Now if we are worshiping any goddess then we should also know why we are doing this and what are the benefits of navratri 1st day shailputri because it is our nature that we always give our best if we are finding any profit in that.

Importance of navratri 1st day shailputri devi-
Goddess Shailputri devi is the incarnation of mata sati after the self- immolation of mata sati. She took birth as the daughter of lord Himalaya, the meaning of her name shailputri is also the same “daughter of Himalaya”. The mount of mata shailputri is nandi “the bull” which you can find with lord shiva, so she also known as vrisharudha, she also known as Hemavati and parvati.
She always lived a simple life and had simple food like fruit etc, and did lots of Austerity and fasting to get lord shiva as her husband. The other important information about navratri 1st day shailputri devi is that the Moon, the provider of all fortunes, is governed by mata Shailputri and all bad effect of the Moon can be removed by worshipping this Adi Shakti, because of her importance among all nine incarnation of maa durga, we worship Goddess Shailputri on the first day of Navratri.

navratri 1st day shailputri devi date is 8 April 2016
navratri 1st day shailputri devi fast starting time and mahurat 05:41 to 7:45

Monday, 4 April 2016

Navratri 2016: The biggest festival for the worshipers of Maa Durga

Navratri the nine days of Maa Durga, these are wonderful nine days in which Maa Durga lives in our house with us for twice in the year. The worshipers do fasting for Maa Durga for nine days and do kirtan or jagran for the whole night.
According to myths Navratri comes four times in the year but it gets celebrated only twice in the year and that is in March or April and again in the month of October at Dusshera time. For the worshiper of Maa Durga we would like to tell the date and Mahurat of this festival.

 Navratri 2016 April date: - Tithi Begins = 16:53 on 7/Apr/2016
                                                   Tithi Ends = 13:05 on 8/Apr/2016

Navratri 2016 October date: - Ghatasthapana Muhurat falls on Pratipada Tithi
                                               Ghatasthapana Muhurat falls during Devi-Svabhava Kanya Lagna
                                               Pratipada Tithi Begins = 05:41 on 1/Oct/2016
                                               Tithi Ends = 07:45 on 2/Oct/2016

Chaitra Navratri 2016 date: - according to the Hindi calendar the month April is known as Chaitra which sometimes starts from end of March.
There are lots of other important information about Navratri 2016 which you can know by visiting the link or website. The worshipers  of Maa Durga Knows everything about Navratri  but if you don’t have that much information about Navratri then to help those who want to worship Maa Durga during Navratri, we provide all the information including the puja kit and all the Benefits of Navratri 2016. Find all the information with the puja Vidhi and worship Maa Durga.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Know the secret of all success of life and beyond this navratri period

Who doesn’t wish to have a life full of comforts?  Be it the personal life or the professional life, we all just try by every inch of our efforts to make our and others who related to us a life which is completely secure and equipped by all means.
We are beings who cannot live in isolation, each and every one of us needs a hand to hold on, without that person even all the money in the world is just a big amount of junk on which you sit and mourn about your life and its loneliness. That one person comes in your life with the spark of love and then everything makes sense but many just suffer without achieving this in life and money, success, happiness all other things are just not something they dare to dream.

What if I tell you that you can achieve everything in life and that is without any struggle and efforts? Yes it is achievable and that is through the blessing of goddess Kamakhya, who is the goddess of fulfilling desires. The period of navratri is arriving and to observe the blessings of the adishakti, the best source is Kamakhya Sindoor for Navratri, this is because the goddess is the vulva fallen body part of the maa sati the wife of lord Mahadev, about fifty one pieces fell all on earth where temples were created kamakhya temple is located in Assam.
This sindoor is very powerful and have miraculous properties as it is proven that it can break the glass or mirror on its touch and have magnetic properties, which makes your desires come true related to your person life and other aspects of life but it is very important to know How to Use Kamiya Sindoor for Navratri . As if you don’t have the proper knowledge its effects may not be seen, that is why it is always advised to seek professional of genuine pandits who know how to activate it and navratri period is the most auspicious time to achieve this all the navroop of the goddess imparts their blessings upon it. So change your life this navratri for your dream life.