Thursday, 31 March 2016

The festival that is dedicated to a goddess who came in existence when even the supreme of the gods brahma, Vishnu and Mahadev were helpless and were residing with a question mark that how to help the universe and to end the dammed power of evil.
They were handcuffed by their own boon which led the demon mahisasur overtake everything from them. Then the time came when all decided to merge their power into one single being or entity who can defeat the might of mahisasur and she the durga came in existence and defeated him after the most fierce battle of nine days, which we today celebrate as navratri. The navratri festival comes four times a year and is celebrated as Vasant navratri, Ashadh navratri, Magha and Shardiya navratri.

Most of us though are not aware of this as only Vasant and Shardiya is celebrated on a large scale. The Vasant navratri comes in the chaitra month and puja done in this period is known as Chaitra Navratri Puja. A fast of nine days is observed for nine appellation of the goddess. The last day in this period is celebrated as ram navami, every household waits for this period, so they can be blessed by the grace of durga.
Almost all of India celebrates this festival but a mesmerizing celebration streak can be seen in the north India and west Bengal region of the country the whole of streets are full of followers, women dress in the beautiful white sari’s with red linings that indicates the durga roop. A Durga Shakti Puja is arranged in which whole of town comes to take the auspicious blessings of the goddess and hopes for a better upcoming life for them and their families in all sections of life, financial, personal, relationship, business, career and others.

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