Friday, 11 March 2016

Tantric services at holi: experience the power of Tantra & Mantra

Tantra is the word which is tough to understand and believe but can’t be ignored because it is the gift from our ancestors which they got by doing very tough accustom passes though generation to generation. Before in time Tantra was done for good causes and for bad too if it was needed but in today’s times the meaning of tantra is totally changed.
Generally people has a mindset about tantra and Totka that it is only performed for bad reasons and it is life taking activity, yes it is life taking activity but if it done by practices hands, an expert of this never give negative and this becomes the second way of fulfill your desires. If you tried everything then you should try this once.
Tantra Mantra has a definite time and way to perform according to your problem which ac expert can tell because every second of your life is important and is able to change your life. In which your stars will change what they will do for you nobody can knows but an expert can know because a doctor only the one who knows you from inside your body.

If we talk only about success which is the common need for everyone then you should try this Tantra Mantra at Holi because these are not so big problems which need very tough tantra mantra normal Totka’s can also solve your problems.

Perform Totka’s at this holi because holi is the best time for all this kind of activity Tantra Mantra for Success gives very effective results if performed on this day.
Some Totka’s for your success- 
Chant this mantra on holi in vajraasan only.

“Aing Hreeng Aing kleeng hum hum kreeng kreeng phat”
Take one coconut and light 5 oil lamp places it on a Kamakhya Vastra and worship the coconut with flowers and dhoop, chant 11 rosaries of this mantra with black Hakeek rosary, after chanting put the coconut on the Kamakhya Vastra and bury in the ground.

We test this before writing and this really works so lose your fear about tantra and give some believe to it for yourself.

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears
                                                                          Les Brown 

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