Saturday, 5 March 2016

Significance of Holi the festival of the Colors in your Life

The article let you know the facts that why we celebrate holi, it is indeed the festival of colors but the real reason of these colors have a very meaning full story and lesson in life.

The festival that has reached out of India and have been welcomed by the west because of his colorful and playfulness, it is considered no less than the party of water and music and icing on the top is the eye pleasing colors.

But do you see any difference in the today’s generation of India they also seem almost clueless when it comes to realize the importance holi in our life, have you ever asked yourself that why you celebrate the festival except of coloring each other?
Real reason of holy celebration

We know, most of you have not but not to worry as we are here to share the story behind it, the auspicious story dates back to the incarnation of lord Vishnu, it was a time when the evil lord Hirranakashyap was ruling all the three worlds of universe the heaven, the earth and the underground and was staunch enemy of lord Vishnu as he killed his brother as well.

But the destiny of the demon was that his own son prahallad was a staunch believer of Vishnu and by every attempt of his father stops him from doing so he never deviated from the righteous path.
When no way were left his father ordered his son to be murdered and his sister Holika intervened to accomplish the task as she was blessed not to be burnet by fire, when she with prahallad entered the fire, Vishnu miraculously saved him and burnt Holika instead and this was then marked as the victory of good over evil and the festival of Holika Dehan came to existence but the story was not finished as the evil demon lord was still alive was planning to kill the son by his own hands, to stop this from happening lord shiva incarnated as Narsimha and killed the demon to safeguard the safety of his devotee.
Since then people celebrate the festival as a celebration and colors play as medium or symbol of the bright side of the life, the elderly on this day also perform the Holi Puja as well to gain Vishnu blessings in life. So now you know that holy is just not the party of water and colors but has an important meaning behind its celebration, if reminds us of the goodness that we should all maintain in our life that no matter what the evil will be vanquished and the good will always win.

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