Thursday, 10 March 2016

Mark the Celebration of the glorified color feast of holi this year in your life

Holi is the most awaited festival of the year as everybody is excited to welcome it in their life. Mostly the
Kids and youngsters as it come with the enjoyment of life with colors, water sports dance and playfulness with it. 

But glorification of holi is more than just the flying colors in the air and splashing water on each other. It is associated with a lesson that if you keep yourself the path of dharma then no power of world will be able to harm you as the lord will be your savior from every calamity that the adharma doers will try to bring upon you.

 But do you really know why we celebrate holi and How to Celebrate Holi. Long ago much before than the time of even the most celebrated epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata lived a demon king known by the name of Hirranakashyap; he was the greatest enemy of lord Vishnu as his brother was killed by him.
To seek revenge on him he decided to worship brahma and gain boon from him to establish his rule over all the three worlds the earth, the underground and the heaven. It took a long time but he gained the boon which stated that he could never be killed, not in day neither in night, not on land or in sky, by any animal, man or any god. This made him invincible and he established his rule and proclaimed himself as the god but his own son was a great Vishnu follower and was firm on his bhakti, to get rid of him and to teach a lesson to world he sent his sister Holika to kill him as she was immune to fire but was burned to ashes and prahallad was saved, later the king was also killed by Narsimha.
 Since then the rituals of Holika Pujan began to mark it as the triumph of the good over evil and to celebrate the devotion of prahallad towards bhagwan Vishnu. So if you wish to celebrate your holi with proper rituals then know all the facts related to it on our website and make the most of the festival this year.

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  1. Holi is celebrated as the thanksgiving festival of India, in which people pray to God for a good harvest.