Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Maha Shivratri: Story behind why we should not offer tulsi leaves while worshiping Lord Shiva

India is the place where we can find stories behind everything some are made by us the fake stories to grow our popularity, some are logical, some are told by our parents and grand patents to give us good teachings and lesson to make us a good human and there are lots of interesting stories we can find in our history which also gives us great lessons and teachings, these stories can be of our great king and of gods like ram, Krishna, lord Shiva etc.

 One story from the great stories of lord Shiva:
As per the stories of our Indian legends, Asura name Jalandhar was blessed with the life till eternity and start creating troubles for our devta’s of heaven and because he was blessed so no one can defeat him but the boon depend upon his wife chastity and the Krishna kavach so when asura atrocities become on the peak then lord shiva and lord Vishnu made a plan, Lord Vishnu first approached Jalandhar and in the weak moment he asked for his Kavach, after that he disguised as Jalandhar breached his wife’s chastity by which lord shiv got the chance to destroy him. When Tulsi the wife of Jalandhar got to know about her husband’s death she felt betrayed and after knowing that Lord Shiva killed her husband she banished him from being offering her leaves for his worshiping and from that time tulsi leaves are not used for worshiping Lord Shiva in any ways so just keep this in your mind don’t offer tulsi leaves in any shiva festival.  

This is the festival of lord Shiva and the significanceof Maha Shivratri is lord shiv fulfill all the wishes of their devotees that day because this is the favorite day of him among all days. Maha shivratri puja is the biggest puja for his devotees and everyone worship him with full Reverence. The question why do we celebrate mahashivratri is, this day the lord shiva and Shakti became one and there are so many ways to perform shivpuja at maha shivratri and puja done according to it vidhi always gives results so do puja according to its vidhi and get result and never do the things which are banished.  

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