Thursday, 3 March 2016

Maha Shivratri: The biggest fast for those who are in love with Lord shiva

Love is the biggest gift from god, those who has this gift has everything in their life because they don’t need anything. We can see many examples of love like mata sati who gave her live for lord shiva, Meera drinks poison on the name of Lord Krishna etc if some is in love with anyone( man or god) they forget everything only love remains in their mind. Maha shivratri is also the festival which is celebrated by those who are madly in love with Lord shiva, they do fasting and celebrate it by doing singing and dancing by organizing kirtans for lord shiva and Lord shiva equaly gives his love to all the devotees of him.

Why do we celebrate mahashivratri on this specific day then the answer is, because this is the most favorite day of lord shiva and this is the day when shiv and Shakti became one soul and Maha shivaratri puja  perform by his devotees makes him more happy and he get compelled to fulfill all the whishes’ of his worshipers.

Shiv puja at Mahashivratri has a great influence and all the worshiper will get bless of Lord Shiv by getting in their life what they want. Maha shivratri 2016 is very important because this year the fast of shivratri will start from Chaturdashi , 7 march and end on 8 march2016.

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