Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Know the legends of lord Rama and his birth this Ram Navami

Man has always tried and is still trying to become the ideal man but there is always some fault that can be found inside the person as some traits of personal gain that we know as selfishness and greed comes in everyone’s heart. If there has ever be the man who did everything in his lifetime selflessly than it was Rama the crown prince of Ayodhya who left everything and went into the exile for fourteen years just to keep the value of the promise of his father to his step mother.
He was the husband who crossed ocean to find his kidnapped wife and defeated the evil demon lord ravana and lifted earth from his cruelty. It was him who was the brother who left his birth right to be the king for his younger brother, there has never be man like him and this is why he is also called as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The reason why we celebrate Ram Navami is because he was born on this day and it was the ninth day of the month. According to legends king dashrata was a mighty king who had three wives but had no child, this troubled the king to a great extant as he feared that he will have no heir to the kingdom to overcome this he went to his guru Vashist who advised him to perform a maha yagna to please the gods.
Finally the yagna was successful and Agni dev appeared with the bowl of rice pudding and told the king to give to the wives, each of the wives ate the rice pudding but one of them half of the bowl and she gave birth to Rama and others two three more sons. The date of Ram Navami 2016 is 15th of April; worshipping lord Rama will make you a better man of values, wisdom, kindness and compassion. Those who wish to have a good husband can keep a fast on this day and can also worship lord Rama.

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