Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Know the auspicious reason of holi and muhurat of Holika dehan

The festival you await the most is finally here, the colors, splashing water, dance and music has arrived and we are sure you are fully equipped with water guns, filled balloons and color packets to hit your targets. The most amazing thing about holi is that everyone is filled with a vibrant energy on this day and takes equal part in every joyful march of the day but more than just being a reason of all this, holi is celebrated for a reason after all it is a festival and it has a story behind it which has a divine touch, holi is celebrated with Holika Dehan and Holika Dahan Shubh Muhurat is the best time to offer your puja to the deity. The reason of holi celebration began a very long ago in the time of a demon Hirranakashyap who was the biggest enemy of Lord vishnu and end his reign have worshiped brahma for the longest time to gain the boon and the tragedy was that he became successful at it and became the ruler of all the world the heaven, the earth and every other in universe.

First thing he did was that he passed an order that whoever will worship Vishnu will be brought to death that instant but fate has something else in mind as his own son prahallad was a staunch follower of the lord. The troubled father tried every aspect to make his son deviate but nothing helped so he finally ordered his sister Holika to burn him along her as she was immune to fire but what happened was completely miraculous as prahallad was saved and Holika was burnt and people celebrated it as holi since then. The Holi Festival 2016 Date is 23 of March; if you will celebrate your Holika dahan puja on proper muhurat than you will observe a positive change in your life like never before as auspicious and divine blessings of Vishnu will fill your life with all the materialistic pleasures you want to observe in your life. So, make the best of this festival this year and change your life for betterment.

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