Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Kamiyasindoor for navratri: Like Arrow To The Eye Of Fish

God made everything in this world for a reason, we need to find that reason and use it according to our need either it is any solution for problems or any work to save us from different type of suffering.    Here’s a little story from the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Once, the five Pandava brothers and Karna were assembled for an archery instruction session with Guru Drona, he tied a wooden fish high on a tree above a pool of water, and asked each student, one by one, to take the archer’s stance. He instructed them to aim their bow and arrow at the fish’s eye, while looking only at its reflection in the water below. As each student came along and took his turn, Guru Drona made them pause in the stance and asked, “Son, what all do you see?” The oldest, Yudhisthira, answered, “The sky, the tree, the …,” and before he could finish, Drona stopped him and replaced him with the next boy.

Bhima answered, “The branch of the tree, the fish, the…,” and met the same fate. Even Karna was asked to step aside. When Arjuna, the ace-archer, was asked the same question, he stated without hesitation, “I see the eye of the fish.” And Guru Drona exclaimed with delight, “Shoot!” and Arjuna’s arrow unwaveringly pierced right through the eye of the fish.

Kamakhyasindoor for navratri is also like the arrow to the fish eye for the people like arjun, means the one who knows the correct time and solution to remove the problems. We have problems and solution both with us but some of us are seeing the other side of the solution and they never able to decide what to do and the one who knows what to do and when always gets the results like arjun.

Now you will also need the one who can tell you how to use kamiyasindoor for navratri like Guru Drona then our expert are here to help you, to guide you in getting the best results. we provide you the whole puja vidhi with the puja product according to that vidhi.      

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