Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Holi: Give the color of rainbow to your life this Holi

Holi is the festival which has the beauty of love and all the colors and everyone enjoys this festival by playing colors and eating sweets. This is a Hindu festival but now days every religion somehow enjoys this festival by playing colors. This festival comes with happiness also give so many thing which a common people don’t knows this is also the festival of black magic this festival is the good time for those who perform black magic for good or bad reason, many people start getting profit from this day and some people become the victim of black magic by losing everything.

Why black magic powers are so much strong this day  

Holi is celebrated because this day a devotee had won the fight against evil. Prahlad was the great worshiper of lord Vishnu and holika the sister of hiranyakashyap tried to kill prahlad by burning him but lord Vishnu save his devotee and holika died that is why we do holikapujan and the day when all this happened was a full moon (poornima) day and this day is for evil, the evil and negative powers gets the peak so this is the good time for those who want to perform black magic. Black magicservices at holi are good if it is for good reason.

How black magic perform on holi helps you

Black magic can do anything but if anyone is expert in this, there are many totkas which we can perform at home for growth of money, business, job, relationship etc related problems. For performing black magic holi is the best time because black magic performed this day for any problem gives fast and best result but doesn’t forget to enjoy the festival because of problems of life and getting solution of those problems. Holi comes ones in a year do the holi pujan according to the pujan vidhi and tell others to how to celebrate holi in problems also that to with smile and give colors to others life and don’t lose hope solve your problems with black magic for good purpose and give colors to your life.

Happy holi

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