Thursday, 17 March 2016

Holi 2016: 3 important reasons why holi is known the festival of colors.

India is known in the world for it culture and diversity because you can find number of language, culture, festival and the beauty of India is that in spite of following different culture and having different festival all the Indians celebrate every festival together happily.
 Holi is the festival which is celebrate by all the people across India, everyone enjoys playing color but you ever thought why we play color on holi why not on other festival , we are giving you the reason why we play color on this festival only.

The reason behind playing color on Holi is, on earth the life is depends on sun and sun gives seven colors to this earth in the form of its energy and if any color increase or decrease in these seven colors then the system on this earth will get disturb. These systems of colors of the sun teach us to live in a systematic manner and holi is the symbol for this.
Second reason for holi is that holi gives the indication of coming spring season and spring is the season of new growth, reformation, regeneration. This season is full of different type of flowers with different colors and you can find the starting of crop and different type of fruits from this season only. After the freeze winter and dry autumn the spring comes like a smile on a sad face. The spring also teaches us to bring some changes in our life for good reason so we celebrate holi to celebrate this season.
Third thing about playing colors is, this earth is divided into different colors, cast, religion, poor and rich etc and on the day of holi everyone plays the same color beyond all boundaries made by human. Everyone is full of colors no one can difference between any one on the basis of cast and religion, color of their skin etc. so holi gives us one chance to live for one day beyond these boundaries.

Holi 2016 is very special because according to astrology the time of holi is coming after 172 years. So make Holi festival 2016 date as you never forget in your whole life.

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