Monday, 7 March 2016

Celebrate the Festival of colors by Knowing its true Significance

Holi is the most celebrated festival of India, if any of the festival except diwali has made its impression in the world than that is holi. Its beautiful colors and water sports have made its mark across the world but have you ever thought to know why we celebrate this festival, what is the real reason behind its celebration.
Celebration of holi is related to the devotion of a person, his believe and firmness on righteous path. All of this began in the period long ago of treta when lived a king who was a demon and ruled all the three worlds the heaven, the earth and the underground, his name was Hirranakashyap the source of his power was a boon that he received from Lord Brahma which stated that he cannot be killed either by a man, god, in day time and in night, no creature that is present should be able to kill him on land or in sky.
He was a staunch enemy of Vishnu and proclaimed himself as god but his own son prahallad was a staunch follower of the lord and no amount of threats that he made to him deviated him from his path. When no option was left Hirranakashyap sister Holika came forward to kill prahallad as she was immune to fire she sat with the little boy in the fire but what happened was totally unacceptable as lord Vishnu saved his devotee from fire and burned her instead, later this outraged his father and he came forward to kill the boy and lord appeared in his Narsimha avatar and killed the demon and saved the devotee.

Since then the celebration of holi started and before the Holi 2016 arrives in your life isn’t it beautiful that now just not the celebration but you know how important this festival is and can also act as an event to obtain auspicious blessings of Lord Vishnu, to know about the rituals of holi and how to celebrate it to obtain maximum benefits and to know Holi Festival 2016 Date then visit our website. Make this holi count not just as an experience but as blessing in your life.

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