Thursday, 31 March 2016

Navratri puja kit: A complete solution for all your problems

We worship god in this hope that our all problems will get solved and if we find no result then we also shows our anger on them but we never think that time that god already given us all the solution only we need to find them.

We need to search those things which have the capacity to fight from our problems. By using perfumes everyone get good smell including you like this when you use  agarbattis in your puja then it creates positivity around you, like this there are so many puja product which has the capacity to fight from different problems but we don’t know then so we made a complete puja kit according to the solution of your problems.     

If you want to stay healthy you will need complete dite like this if you want to fulfill your wishes you need to do complete puja in which this navratri puja kit helps you because in this puja kit you will get complete puja product according to vidhi by which you can do complete puja in very less time.

Make your life easy without any regret of not doing puja or not doing it properly and also get the result of your puja. Buy navratri puja kit with the vidhi of performing puja along with the puja mahurat, our experts are also here to help you to know your puja (means which type of puja will help to remove your problems) and make your life little eaisy. 
The festival that is dedicated to a goddess who came in existence when even the supreme of the gods brahma, Vishnu and Mahadev were helpless and were residing with a question mark that how to help the universe and to end the dammed power of evil.
They were handcuffed by their own boon which led the demon mahisasur overtake everything from them. Then the time came when all decided to merge their power into one single being or entity who can defeat the might of mahisasur and she the durga came in existence and defeated him after the most fierce battle of nine days, which we today celebrate as navratri. The navratri festival comes four times a year and is celebrated as Vasant navratri, Ashadh navratri, Magha and Shardiya navratri.

Most of us though are not aware of this as only Vasant and Shardiya is celebrated on a large scale. The Vasant navratri comes in the chaitra month and puja done in this period is known as Chaitra Navratri Puja. A fast of nine days is observed for nine appellation of the goddess. The last day in this period is celebrated as ram navami, every household waits for this period, so they can be blessed by the grace of durga.
Almost all of India celebrates this festival but a mesmerizing celebration streak can be seen in the north India and west Bengal region of the country the whole of streets are full of followers, women dress in the beautiful white sari’s with red linings that indicates the durga roop. A Durga Shakti Puja is arranged in which whole of town comes to take the auspicious blessings of the goddess and hopes for a better upcoming life for them and their families in all sections of life, financial, personal, relationship, business, career and others.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Know the legends of lord Rama and his birth this Ram Navami

Man has always tried and is still trying to become the ideal man but there is always some fault that can be found inside the person as some traits of personal gain that we know as selfishness and greed comes in everyone’s heart. If there has ever be the man who did everything in his lifetime selflessly than it was Rama the crown prince of Ayodhya who left everything and went into the exile for fourteen years just to keep the value of the promise of his father to his step mother.
He was the husband who crossed ocean to find his kidnapped wife and defeated the evil demon lord ravana and lifted earth from his cruelty. It was him who was the brother who left his birth right to be the king for his younger brother, there has never be man like him and this is why he is also called as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The reason why we celebrate Ram Navami is because he was born on this day and it was the ninth day of the month. According to legends king dashrata was a mighty king who had three wives but had no child, this troubled the king to a great extant as he feared that he will have no heir to the kingdom to overcome this he went to his guru Vashist who advised him to perform a maha yagna to please the gods.
Finally the yagna was successful and Agni dev appeared with the bowl of rice pudding and told the king to give to the wives, each of the wives ate the rice pudding but one of them half of the bowl and she gave birth to Rama and others two three more sons. The date of Ram Navami 2016 is 15th of April; worshipping lord Rama will make you a better man of values, wisdom, kindness and compassion. Those who wish to have a good husband can keep a fast on this day and can also worship lord Rama.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Kamiyasindoor for navratri: Like Arrow To The Eye Of Fish

God made everything in this world for a reason, we need to find that reason and use it according to our need either it is any solution for problems or any work to save us from different type of suffering.    Here’s a little story from the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Once, the five Pandava brothers and Karna were assembled for an archery instruction session with Guru Drona, he tied a wooden fish high on a tree above a pool of water, and asked each student, one by one, to take the archer’s stance. He instructed them to aim their bow and arrow at the fish’s eye, while looking only at its reflection in the water below. As each student came along and took his turn, Guru Drona made them pause in the stance and asked, “Son, what all do you see?” The oldest, Yudhisthira, answered, “The sky, the tree, the …,” and before he could finish, Drona stopped him and replaced him with the next boy.

Bhima answered, “The branch of the tree, the fish, the…,” and met the same fate. Even Karna was asked to step aside. When Arjuna, the ace-archer, was asked the same question, he stated without hesitation, “I see the eye of the fish.” And Guru Drona exclaimed with delight, “Shoot!” and Arjuna’s arrow unwaveringly pierced right through the eye of the fish.

Kamakhyasindoor for navratri is also like the arrow to the fish eye for the people like arjun, means the one who knows the correct time and solution to remove the problems. We have problems and solution both with us but some of us are seeing the other side of the solution and they never able to decide what to do and the one who knows what to do and when always gets the results like arjun.

Now you will also need the one who can tell you how to use kamiyasindoor for navratri like Guru Drona then our expert are here to help you, to guide you in getting the best results. we provide you the whole puja vidhi with the puja product according to that vidhi.      

Monday, 28 March 2016

Four important rituals of Navratri that are necessary to do

Navratri time is one of the most auspicious times to worship goddess durga and the nine roop of the goddess such as laxmi and saraswati and the incarnations. The period lasts for nine days and each day celebrates an important roop of the goddess which have some important rituals associated with it.
Once brahaspati the Jupiter went to lord brahma and asked that, what are the benefits of navratri vrat lord brahma on listening to this said to brahaspati that he has asked a very important question for all of the mankind; lord brahma said that whoever worships goddess durga is bestowed upon with all the pleasure of life be it materialistic or personal, he sees no shortage of any kind throughout his lifetime. The Navratri Puja Vidhi is mentioned in the Vedas which is simple but a necessity to receive blessings of the goddess such as

•    Ghata sthapna is one of the most important rituals which are kalash sthapana that is done on the first day.
•    Chowki sthapana in which the idol of the durga goddess is placed
•    Durga puja is carried out next after the sthapna of the idol
•     The last day that is the tenth day is finished with kanya puja which very important to receive     the blessings of all the nine incarnations.
 Along with these four important rituals which are a must to perform one another thing is to observe the fast during the nine days and only eating one meal throughout the day which must be prepared by satva method that is fruits only and vegetable without spice the ritual is completed with Navratri Puja Mantra doing all this will attract the auspicious blessings of the goddess in your life and you will be cleansed of all the impurities from your life once and for all, so this navratri make the best experience ever to change your life and to be in the good eyes of the adishakti.  

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Relish all wonders of life with this miraculous herb of nature

Nature is full of wonders which we do not understand but are capable of changing our lives. We think that our life is in our control and whatever happens, happen only by our will, all of these matters only till the time we face the dirt of problems.
And then the solution that we seek comes only from spiritualism, and then is the time when we believe in the power above who actually holds the strings of our life and faith. This upper hand no matter what you call it has availed us with the methods to experience his divinity and to improve our lives to the fullest potentials.

One such wonder of nature is hatha Jodi; it is actually the root of a very rare plant that is rare to find. We know that we have raised your curiosity that what makes this thing rare and how can it help me? Well worry not as we will explain this root of plant is found in the position as if it is holding hands like being in the form of Namaste. This product with the touch of spiritualism becomes very powerful which is called as Siddh Hatha Jodi and is considered very lucky as it acts as a magnet to attract everything you desire be it money, power, fame, glory, heights in career, business, love and much more but it is very important to know that to make it work there are a set of rituals that are associated with it which are must to follow to achieve what you want in life.
All of these rituals comes from our Vedas and must be performed only by those who completely understand them. It does not a rocket scientist to understand that anything that has powers to do such wonders must be handled with care otherwise can create problems for us. This Energized Hatha Jodi lifts us from our ordinary life and becomes the catalyst to make us achieve everything we deserve and want during our life time. Once obtained all you need to do is to keep it in your home or at your workplace in your cash box or locker and must be known to you alone and you will achieve everything you ever wanted. 

Monday, 21 March 2016

Become rich and wealth with the power of Occult on Holi

Money is a token that has been a deciding factor in human life and it can literally be said that man only pays attention to money after god which is completely understandable as a comfortable full of all pleasure we need is achieved only through this token money.

But as has been said by the ancestors that good things don’t come easy and so is the case with the money, not all of us are fortunate enough to be blessed by it and struggle from daily routine life to earn ourselves bread to feed the family. The common man fears to dream above his condition and that is understandable.
Well do not feel depressed and node your head being a victim of circumstances as this condition of yours can be changed completely and you can become the controller of your life. The method that can help you achieve the impossible is Tantra Totke for Money which are only known to a very few as they are developed on a very long time with complete study and knowledge of tantra vidya.
This is absolutely true that black magic is dangerous of course it is, so it must be handled only by those who are trained to perform it and use it well. The best time that is known to activate these totka comes only once a year and is a very awaited festival by all, which is full of colors and enjoyment, yes you have guessed it absolutely right it is holi and Black Magic Totke at Holi are very powerful as this day is very auspicious as per Vedic rituals and any kriya that is used on this day to help a person is highly energized by spirits, ghosts and paranormal beings and being in want to improve your money section of life is nothing wrong and can be achieved, believe it or not but the benefits you will observe will be beyond your dreams and you will be able to lead life you always wanted.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Hatha Jodi: A perfect choice of your reflects in personality and helps to have a good life

A good choice made by always makes your life beautiful, just go in front of mirror and watch yourself, looking good then you are good in choosing cloths, to choose clothes, shoes and hair cut you made a good choice earlier then you are looking good at present, like that if you are in a job or business then in this also you made a choice what you have to do and what you want to do and the choice made by you earlier show what you are now.
If you always chooses best for you, then why not to choose a good solution of your all problem. In today’s life money is the root of all the problems if we have money then we are able to solve all problems and if we don’t have sufficient money then we are surrounded by every type of problems.

Hatha Jodi is the best tantric product and you can choose this to solve your money problem. Before making a choice we should get all the information about that thing, so first get all the Hatha Jodi Info then made a choice.
For your information we would like to tell you that if you are not worshiping hatha Jodi according to its Vidhi then it will not give the proper result and that Vidhi only an expert can tell. In this Vidhi the Hatha Jodi Mantra plays an important role. To get all the information about this you can contact us or you can visit the site. Get all the information and make a good choice.  

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Take the hand of super naturalism to experience bliss on Holi

Holi is comes with all kind joys in life, everybody just love to celebrate, energies are so high that everyone is engaged in being like a kid. Holi is celebrated in this way as this was the day when lord Vishnu took his most feared incarnation of Narsimha and finished the demonic rain of Hirranakashyap and saved his greatest devotee prahallad. This was the same day when lord Krishna defeated demon pootna.
Since then people celebrate it as a symbol of the triumph of good over evil, what is exciting to know that even the Vedas explain that holi occurs when all the planets and stars are arranged in perfect positions in respect to earth and provide most benefiting time for all creatures, that is why spirits, ghosts and paranormal beings are very active on this day.

Many Tantrik activities at Holi in Delhi and all over India takes place which are not that easily accessible but if known can make you achieve everything in life it can improve your love and relationship life, career and business can be seen improving, success will be observed in every sphere of life.
Now, what you need to know is that tantra is of different type and Tantrik help that is used to help the mankind by improving their life by removing difficulty is called totke and Vidhi while those which are used to harm is termed under black magic. The Tantra Mantra at Holi is only blessed by gods if used to help someone not otherwise. Make your dream life come true on this holi and gain full control of your life in your hands, if you wish to have any tantra service at holi than leave a query on our website or contact our helpline number, don’t miss this auspicious and divine time as it only comes once a year.

Holi 2016: 3 important reasons why holi is known the festival of colors.

India is known in the world for it culture and diversity because you can find number of language, culture, festival and the beauty of India is that in spite of following different culture and having different festival all the Indians celebrate every festival together happily.
 Holi is the festival which is celebrate by all the people across India, everyone enjoys playing color but you ever thought why we play color on holi why not on other festival , we are giving you the reason why we play color on this festival only.

The reason behind playing color on Holi is, on earth the life is depends on sun and sun gives seven colors to this earth in the form of its energy and if any color increase or decrease in these seven colors then the system on this earth will get disturb. These systems of colors of the sun teach us to live in a systematic manner and holi is the symbol for this.
Second reason for holi is that holi gives the indication of coming spring season and spring is the season of new growth, reformation, regeneration. This season is full of different type of flowers with different colors and you can find the starting of crop and different type of fruits from this season only. After the freeze winter and dry autumn the spring comes like a smile on a sad face. The spring also teaches us to bring some changes in our life for good reason so we celebrate holi to celebrate this season.
Third thing about playing colors is, this earth is divided into different colors, cast, religion, poor and rich etc and on the day of holi everyone plays the same color beyond all boundaries made by human. Everyone is full of colors no one can difference between any one on the basis of cast and religion, color of their skin etc. so holi gives us one chance to live for one day beyond these boundaries.

Holi 2016 is very special because according to astrology the time of holi is coming after 172 years. So make Holi festival 2016 date as you never forget in your whole life.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Know the auspicious reason of holi and muhurat of Holika dehan

The festival you await the most is finally here, the colors, splashing water, dance and music has arrived and we are sure you are fully equipped with water guns, filled balloons and color packets to hit your targets. The most amazing thing about holi is that everyone is filled with a vibrant energy on this day and takes equal part in every joyful march of the day but more than just being a reason of all this, holi is celebrated for a reason after all it is a festival and it has a story behind it which has a divine touch, holi is celebrated with Holika Dehan and Holika Dahan Shubh Muhurat is the best time to offer your puja to the deity. The reason of holi celebration began a very long ago in the time of a demon Hirranakashyap who was the biggest enemy of Lord vishnu and end his reign have worshiped brahma for the longest time to gain the boon and the tragedy was that he became successful at it and became the ruler of all the world the heaven, the earth and every other in universe.

First thing he did was that he passed an order that whoever will worship Vishnu will be brought to death that instant but fate has something else in mind as his own son prahallad was a staunch follower of the lord. The troubled father tried every aspect to make his son deviate but nothing helped so he finally ordered his sister Holika to burn him along her as she was immune to fire but what happened was completely miraculous as prahallad was saved and Holika was burnt and people celebrated it as holi since then. The Holi Festival 2016 Date is 23 of March; if you will celebrate your Holika dahan puja on proper muhurat than you will observe a positive change in your life like never before as auspicious and divine blessings of Vishnu will fill your life with all the materialistic pleasures you want to observe in your life. So, make the best of this festival this year and change your life for betterment.

Hatha Jodi: The Best Product to Perform Tantric Activities at Holi

Everyone knows about holi why we celebrate and how to celebrate holi and this is also known to everyone that every changing moment plays a very important role in every one’s life and anything could happen with anyone life in coming time.
Holi also comes with on certain date and time which also has some planate activity which brings good luck for some people and bad luck for some people. This holi is also very special and very important especially for tantric activity. The tantric activity performed on this holi will give you best and fast result.

Tantric products are needed to perform tantric activity and hatha Jodi is the best tantric product for the removal of the problems like money, career, business, job etc. If tantric activity performed by Hatha Jodi Puja Vidhi then it will give you long lasting result without any negative result.
If you believe in tantric activity then you can contact us for performing these activities and if you don’t believe in these activities then try once these activities at this holi we are Shure you will start believing it. We provide   best in Hatha Jodi Price and authenticated with the puja Vidhi and provide our services and help to all the needy.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Siyar Singhi Vidhi: One Path which takes you to the height you want

If you are very depressed about your work, career, money than just have a visit to some mountain areas, there you will get relief in the coolness of nature  and you will also find that the trees which grown on mountains and reached to a certain height had to fight with the stone of mountains to take their  head out.

We never should lose hope because god has given the multiple ways and it is our fault if we are not finding the other way of success. Siyar Singhi is the tantric product which gives the hopes that are hopeless and Siyar Singhi Pujan Vidhi is the way that helps you to see the success.
Vidhi of Siyar Singhi means how to use Siyar Singhi if you know the correct way then surely you will succeed in the thing for what you are using it. Now it’s your choice to use it and solve all the problems or you want to go through from lot more problems.
Siyar Singhi use Vidhi is the tantric activity which is performed by you at your home, you have to worship it once and after some time you will able to see the result but make Sure that the vidhi is only told by an expert because he can only know how to use it for different problem. Try this once with full believe in it and catch you dreams by your hands. 

Tantrik services at holi: know how you can get the benefit of tantric activities this holi.

The definition of tantric activities has been changed these days, now these activities are not miraculous kind of thing, no one can do magic with tantric activities if anyone is doing so then it was just a magic which the magician do with the help of science nothing else.

Tantrism is the study and it is the part of Vedic culture which is the gift of our ancestor which is perform to attract someone human or evil energies you can attract someone and compel it to do whatever you want but you cannot do magical things and there are lots of Benefits of Tantric Activities At Holi.

Holi is the best time to see the power of tantric activities but no one Know How to Perform Tantric Activities at Holi. These activities are not very tough to perform for your daily life problems like business, marriage, career, family dispute and land, propriety related problems can solve by little totka’s which don’t has negative result.
To know these small and easy totka’s to solve your life problems we have our expert who has Sindhi in this field who helps you and tells you the totka’s according your problems with the Vidhi of doing it.
Contact us on 9999505545 to know the Tantric Activities at Holi In Delhi from our expert or visit the given link.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Holi 2016: Now You Can Also Know Your Future by Yourself

होली को रंगो का त्यौहार कहा जाता है और हम सब की परिभाषा में होली बस एक रंग खेलने का त्यौहार ही  है परन्तु हमारे पूर्वजो ने ये त्यौहार सिर्फ रंग खेलने के लिए नहीं बनाया था इस त्यौहार के और भी कई मैंने है| हम सब हरिनयाकशयप और प्रह्लाद की कहानी के बारे में तो जानते ही है परन्तु ये कोई नहीं जनता की हमारे पूर्वज होलिका दहन की आग से आने वाला भविष्य का अनुमान लगते थे !
होली हमारे हिन्दी महीनो के हिसाब से साल का आखिरी त्यौहार होता है और होली खत्म होने के साथ ही साल खत्म हो जाता है और नया साल शुरू हो जाता है ज्योतिषी साल के शुरू होते ही आने वाला साल कैसा होगा ये बताते है और पूर्व समय में हमारे ज्योतिषी होली की आग से भविस्य का अनुमान लगते थे और होली कैसे मनाये आने वाले समय को बेहतर बनाने के लिए ये बताते थे !

क्या कहती है होली की आग आपके भविष्य के बारे में?

•    होलिका पूजन के बाद होलिका की अग्नि से आने वाले साल का भविष्य भी जाना जाता है। क्योंकि हिन्दू पंचांग के अनुसार यह वर्ष का अंतिम प्रमुख त्योहार है जो आने वाले साल की सूचना भी देता है। इसलिए ज्योतिषशास्त्र में भी होलिका दहन का बड़ा महत्व है!

•    शास्त्रों में कहा गया है कि होलिका दहन के समय हवा अगर पूर्व दिशा से चले यानी पुरवाई चले तो यह बड़ा ही अच्छा शगुन होता है। पूर्व दिशा को देवताओं की दिशा कहा गया है माना जाता है कि इससे साल खुशहाली भरा रहेगा। राजा प्रजा सभी के लिए साल सुखद होगा

•    होली पूजन के बाद होलिका दहन के समय दक्षिण दिशा की हवा चले तो यह अपशकुन माना जाता है। ऐसी मान्यता है कि इससे फसलों का नुकसान होगा। मंहगाई बढ़ती है और राज्य की सत्ता भंग होती है। जन विद्रोह होता है।

•    होलिका दहन के समय हवा उत्तर की ओर से चलने लगे तो यह बहुत ही शुभ माना जाता है। उत्तर दिशा कुबेर की दिशा है। इसे धन की दिशा भी कहा गया है। माना जाता है कि इससे पूरे साल आर्थिक क्षेत्र में उन्नति होगी। धन और सुख बढ़ेगा।

•    अगर होलिका दहन के समय धुआं सीधा आकाश की ओर जाने लगे तो यह बदलाव का सूचक है। यह संकेत है कि जिस व्यक्ति और शासक का वर्चस्व समाज और राजनीति में है उसकी सत्ता जाने वाली है। नई सत्ता और नई सरकार आने वाली है।

•    पश्चिम दिशा से होलिका दहन के समय हवा चलने लगे तो यह भी अच्छा शगुन नहीं माना जाता है। इसकी वजह यह है कि इससे कृषि की हानि होती है। बेकार खर पतवार की वृद्धि का योग माना जाता है।