Monday, 15 February 2016

Kamiya Sindoor Vidhi: Any work done in a certain way always gives results.

Everything has a way of doing it, if you sleep in day and work at night then you will suffer from different type of health problems, if you will not eat at time then also it is not good for your health. Worshiping god also has a certain time if you follow the exact time and way of doing things you will get good results. Your health will be good your all work will complete on time everything will automatically go fine, like that kamakhya sindoor also has a vidhi of using it. Kamiya sindoor is the Prasad of ma kamakhya the Shakti of 51 Shakti pith. Kamakhya sindoor is used in worshiping ma kamakhya or it also used in Diwali puja, navratra puja and some other puja related like that but the use of this sindoor for different puja is in different way.

Every puja has different kamiya sindoor pujan vidhi and using it according to those vidhi only gives best results. Kamiya sindoor is a very strong weapon for black magic removal and for vashikaran services but only when you know how to use kamiya sindoor for that particular processes because every food gives the best taste when it is cook according to its recipe if you try to cook all food in the same way then it will taste horrible and will go in the waste, in the same way kamiya sindoor also works.

Every works needs an expert who knows that work in deep like a doctor know which medicine has to give in which condition of patient and at what time like that kamiya sindoor also has an expert who will tell kamiya sindoor use vidhi of any frestival or for any problem.

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