Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Stories behind celebrating Vasant Panchami, “the only festival celebrated among all religion”

The yellow festival called vasant Panchami celebrated mainly in north India by all religion. Every religion Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs, celebrates this festival in a different but in their own way, but one thing that always be the common is yellow color. Each religion who celebrates this festival has their own reasons and stories of celebrating this festival although the yellow color of the cloths which everyone wears on this day is common.
The beautiful and unbelievable stories behind the celebration of this festival of Hindu religion are:
Hindu- Hindu religion has many stories of celebrating this festival in which the brahma and Saraswati is the main, “ it is said that when lord brahma creates this world he was quit un happy that time because the whole world was silent without knowledge, music etc. it has no beauty that time so it looks like a dead world, so lord brahma ask ma Saraswati to give her music, beauty and knowledge to the world and she made this dead world beautiful with full of knowledge and music on the fifth day of Hindi months ‘Magh’ so this day became the most beautiful day of the year known as vasant panchami  and we do Saraswati Puja too on this day.

The another interesting story behind this festival is the Kaamdev puja which is also done on this day because in the ancient time this festival was celebrated in the royal palace of Kaamdev and the dancing girls of Kaamdev royal palace dance on the beats of dhol and wear the yellow cloths that day and the whole palace was decorated by the yellow flowers for celebrating love so from that day the season of love also starts.

This festival has another legend associated with Vasant Panchami is about our great poet Kalidas who somehow ended up marrying a beautiful princess. It is said that he was rejected by the princess by finding him foolish whom he loved a lot. After getting rejected by the princesses he was going to subside but that time ma Saraswati save him by giving the knowledge and music in his life because of that he became a great poet.

People of Hindu religion also believe that by feeding Brahmans that day their ancestors also gets food.
This festival has many stories for every religion, for knowing more stories wait for the next with much other information.

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