Thursday, 16 February 2017

Puja for Black Magic at Holi

Holi is not a festival of colour but it’s the important day which can help to get rid of Black Magic if you affect. Here, we are going to cite about Puja for Black Magic at Holi. Take a look.

What Is Black Magic?

In this fast paced life, it’s difficult to know who are your friend and enemy. People can do Black Magic over you in order to hurt and harm you. Black Magic is a kind of unique magic which is performed in order to block the way of success of others. It invokes evil spirits and negative waves around you if someone uses it for you.

And the distance does not matter since it can be done from any corner of the world. The person who gets affected by black magic feels uneasiness, grief, trouble in career, job, education, health, business etc.

Puja for Black Magic at Holi

To get rid of the effect of Black Magic, there is need of right time and muhurat. But Holi is one and only day which is very fruitful to do Pujafor Black Magic. Performing special Black Puja works excellently and eradicates the power of Black Magic.

After this especial puja, you will find yourself very light and happy and will feel like a kind of weight has been eradicated. Holi is considered auspicious day to say good bye to effect of Black Magic. And happiness will come back to your life.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Chandra Grahan 2017

Date of Chandra Grahan in 2017:

There are 2 Chandra Grahan in 2017 and both are visible in India, one is at 11 February 2017 (Saturday) and second is 7 August 2017 (Monday).

Timing of Chandra Grahan in 2017:

11 February 2017: 4:04 AM TO 8: 23 AM,

7 August 2017: 10: 53 PM to 12: 48 AM at 8th August 2017

What is Chandra grahan? 

Moon revolves around the earth and earth revolves around the sun at one point one phenomenon occurs when earth comes in middle of sun and moon directly which makes it appear as if moon have lost light and eclipse occurs which we know as chandra grahan.

Guidelines for Pregnant Women: 

  • Do not eat anything that is cooked before Chandra grahan as it is spoiled and not good for health.
  • Pregnant women can be easily affected so must follow all steps completely to be saved themselves and save the baby.
  • Do not go out of house on grahan day.
  • Avoid direct eye contact with Chandra grahan.
  • All ornaments such as jewelry must be recoved from the body to be saved of any health problem.
  • Chant Santan Gopala mantra at least hundred and eight times to avoid any ill effect on unborn child.

Chandra Dev Mantra 

“Om Shraam Shreem Shraum Sah Chandra Namah”

Date of Surya Grahan in 2017:

There are 2 Surya Grahan in 2017 and both are not visible in India, one is at 26 February 2017 (Sunday) and second is 21 August 2017 (Monday).

Timing of Surya Grahan in 2017:

26 February 2017: Not Visible in India

21 August 2017: Not Visible in India

What is Surya Grahan?

Surya grahan is the phenomenon that occurs when moon revolving around earth comes at exact position before sun and causes a shield due to which sun is completely hidden behind the moon causing an eclipse or surya grahan.

Mythological Significance of Surya Grahan

Surya grahan has a different reason as per the Hindu believes, according to our legends it is believed that sun is eaten by either rahu or ketu which causes surya grahan.

Surya and rahu, ketu don’t get along well with each other as when as at samudra manthan when swarbhanu drank amrit surya reported it to vishnu and he released his sudarshan and behead the demon causing two entity rahu and ketu.

Details of Surya grahan 2017

The date of surya grahan will be 26th Feb 2017.
 Pregnant women guidelines during Surya Grahan

All ornaments must be removed from body on this day.
All pregnant women must take bath before grahan and after grahan to save their unborn child from any malefic effect of this occurrence.
All women must recite Santana Gopala Mantra during the grahan period.
Do not eat anything that is cooked before surya grahan.
Must not go outside on the day of surya grahan.
All pregnant women must not see the grahan with naked eyes.

Mantra for Surya Bhagwan Blessing
“ऊँ हृां हृीं सः सूर्याय नमः”

Friday, 3 February 2017

Holi 2017, Puja Vidhi of Holi & Holi Puja

Holi 2017

Date: 12th March 2017, Day: Sunday

Holi is an Indian festival that is celebrated with much pomp and show. During this festival people play with colors and celebrate love and brotherhood.

But before playing with colors, they perform a puja on the previous day. In this puja, several deities are worshipped and people pray for happiness, wealth power and prosperity.

Holi Puja Muhurat (Date and Time)

Holi will be celebrated on 12th march 2017. The mahurat of the puja is from 18:25 to 20:25. During this time you need to visit the place of holika dahan and offer prayers to several deities.

You can begin by worshipping Lord Ganesha. Then you can worship Goddess Durga, Lord Narsimha, Prahlad and Holika.

Holi Puja Booking

Booking a pandit to help you do the Holi Pujan as per the required process is very easy. Just give us a call and we will help you to perform this puja in the right manner. We will send a qualified, trained and highly-experienced pandit to you who will perform the puja rightfully.

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Holi Puja Products

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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Rudra Abhishekam and Yagna

Importance of Rudra Abhishekam 

Shiva is known by many names and rudra is one of them which means the fierce one, it is the most angry and dangerous form of lord shiva and abhishekam is the purification of the lingam that is dedicated to the lord shiva.

A proper abhishekam is done as per the guidelines and instruction given by lord brahma in his vedas and has been followed the same way from thousands of years by all the great sages and rishis of hinduism

A successful Rudra Abhishekam is completed with the yagna which is a combination of the powerful mantras from the vedas which must be performed only by those who are trained to do so otherwise the effects and benefits you hope will not be observed. This is a different than then the normal stuti of Mahadev which requires the proper knowledge of Vedic instructions.

Benefits of Rudra Abhishekam and Yagna 

A well performed rudra abhishekam followed by yagna will make you observe the divine blessings of lord shiva which can definitely vary from one person to another as not everybody is facing the same problem is it?

But some major forms of blessings such as

  • Observance of wealth flow in your life
  • Success in career and business will be seen
  • Fame and glory will flow to you like never before
  • Prosperity and abundance will come in your life to stay.
  • Wisdom and knowledge will increase which will improve your decision making ability
  • Your relationships will become better and more harmonious than before
  • Conceiving the desired child will be possible
  • Being closure to the supreme soul will open your doors to attain moksha

Our service 

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Shiv Pariwar Puja and Yagna

Significance of Shiv Pariwar 

Shiv pariwar includes lord shiva the supreme deity, maa parvati the adishakti and their two sons lord ganesh and Lord Kartikeya.

Each member of the family plays a vital role in the universe and bestows there auspicious and divine blessings on every creature and humans are no exception.

The origin story of both the son's Ganesh and Kartikeya is also very beautiful.

As once a demon taraka became very powerful and mastered all the three universe even the devas became enslaved by him and they went to brahma for help and he prophesized that only the son of shiva will be able to kill the demon all tried to convince the lord but no efforts came fruitful but somehow agni deva took the seed of shiva and accidentally dropped in river from kartikeya was who killed the demon.

Similarly the birth of ganesh took place from the grass doll maa parvati created which turned into a boy who later received the head of elephant.

Benefits of Shiv Pariwar Puja and Yagna 

Shiv pariwar puja and yagna is very beneficial for those who perform it but is a matter of extreme concentration as it involves the invocation of the very powerful mantras which must be recited only by those who have complete knowledge of vedas. A properly performed puja will gain you

Abundance and prosperity in your life
Wealth and riches will come in life
Career will be stable
Business will become profitable and all loses will recover
Fame and glory will come in your life
Wisdom and intellect will develop which will increase decision making power
All your past sins will be removed from your life

Our service 

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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Maha Shivaratri 2017

Date: 24th February 2017,  Day: Friday

Lord Shiva is one of the most powerful gods of Hindus. It is very easy to please him if the devotee is truly faithful and takes all the right steps.

One of the most auspicious days of this powerful lord is the Maha Shivaratri Day. When you hold a fast on this day and pray to the lord with a pure heart, all your wishes will come true.

Maha Shivaratri Puja Muhurat (Date and Time)

This festival would occur on 24th February 2017. The puja mahurat including all four pehar are 18:15 to 30:53. The mahurat of Nishita Kaal Puja is from 24:08 to 24:58. If you do the puja at the right time, it will bring in better results.

Maha Shivaratri Puja

If you wish to organize a Maha Shivaratri puja and you don’t know where to start then you can contact us. We can ensure that your puja is organized in a successful manner by arranging for a qualified pandit to visit you.

We will also see to it that the puja is done as per the pre-defined rituals so that you can be satisfied and the lord can be worshipped right.

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